Eluvium Data Protection and Password Manager Solution

Our mission is to help people and institutions protect their information and their privacy. We think data that security is crucial in the current digital age. Our vision is develop best data security and innovate user-friendly product. Our philosophy is focusing on the users needs and to listen to our users recommendations


Eluvium Password Manager


What Eluvium Platform Brings You

Eluvium is an easy to use data protection and password manager solution that uses 256-bit military grade encryption to protect your private data and passwords prevent them from being modified, read or even stolen. Protect all your sensitive personal and commercial information including your photos, credit card data, tax returns, passwords or any other private document.We take our privacy policy very seriously, so we never have any knowledge of your data and password so, there's no way to retrieve or reset it, even in emergencies. It's one of the ways in which we ensure that our users' data is always completely secure... even from us.

Eluvium Feature

Strong Encryption

Encrypt your files and passwords using most secure encryption algorithm AES with 256-bit military grade encryption. It would take billions of years to break using current computing technology. So there's no way to retrieve or reset your password even if you forgot your password.

Eluvium Feature

Theft Protection

Eluvium checks if you entered a password that has been compromised in a data breach. It's searching using K-Anonymity in a large database that contains 555,278,657 real world passwords previously exposed in data breaches. Protect your data from any kind of data breach

Eluvium Feature

Password Manager

Protect your password, credit card, server and wifi information with one secure password in one place with high security and synchronous between your devices using android and windows application and browser extension extension.

Eluvium Feature

Password Assistance

Most people either use repetitive passwords or have bits of information in their passwords like their name, their date of birth, etc. A password manager generates long, random passwords across your various online accounts so you can use them easily. If you are having trouble creating safer passwords Eluvium password generator will be helpful.

Eluvium Feature

File Encryption

Protect your confidential files using Eluvium Android and Eluvium Windows application. Software interface allows you to manage your files. Encrypted files can be only accessed through software interface. Protect your files with one secure password or custom passwords from unwanted eyes

Eluvium Feature

Browser Extension

Manage your password information using Eluvium Browser Extension. Easily generate strong and unique passwords and autofill credit card and password information when you login a website or shopping. Browser protection feature increase your privacy and next generation anti-phishing platform protects you using AI & Computer Vision technology

Eluvium Feature

Mobile Application

Manage your Eluvium account between your android devices using Eluvium Android application. Security dashboard shows security recommendations and analyses your passwords if there's any vulnerable, weak and used passwords. Eluvium autofills web browser and app logins for you. Also fingerprint support will make your life easier. All you have to do is remember your Eluvium account password and Eluvium will do the rest for you

Eluvium Feature

Multi-factor authentication

Eluvium sends a confirmation code to your mail address to verify your identity when you login to your Eluvium account using browser extension, desktop application or android application. Add a second security layer to your Eluvium account to protect your data and stay safe

Fast, Strong and Lightweight Data Protection Solution for Your Files

Encrypt your files with Eluvium in seconds. It enables you to Password Protect and restricts the unwanted eyes from viewing files and folders. They can only be accessed through the mobile or desktop software interface.

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Protect Your Passwords Using Eluvium One Pass

Protect your passwords using Eluvium One Pass. Enjoy the privilege of managing your data synchronously between your devices. Access your passwords from everywhere using mobile, desktop and browser extension. Add any website or application name to Eluvium One Pass and easily and securely login to it. Autofill and finger print auth features are will make your life easier and it will increase your productivity

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