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Eluvium Android

Eluvium for Android

Manage your data and login informations in sync between your devices using Eluvium for Android. It is compatible with android browsers and apps. So users can easily login to their accounts using Eluvium. Fingerprint support and autofill features are will make your life easier and increase your productivity. Also Eluvium allows you to save login information when you login to an account

Encrypt your files using Eluvium. it is easy to encrypt or decrypt files from software interface. Also you can easily share your files through software interface. Eluvium users can use one password to protect their all data including passwords and files.

Minimum Android version : Android 5.0 Lollipop. At least Android 8.0 Oreo recommended

Google Play Store

Eluvium Extension

Eluvium for Browsers

Manage and see protected login, wifi, server and credit card informations. Easily generate strong and unique passwords. Securely autofill credit card and Login informations. Make your browser more safe and protect yourself from phishing. Our anti phishing system uses computer vision and artificial intelligence technology. Safely surf on the web using Eluvium for browsers

Compatible Browsers

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome



Eluvium Windows (Coming Soon)

Eluvium for Windows

Protect and manage your data using Eluvium for windows. Manage your passwords with the power of material design. From software interface easily manage your encrypted and unencrypted files. Protect files using custom passwords or protect it with the default account password. Also with the assisted login feature easily login windows apps and desktop applications

Login to accounts from any kind of desktop and windows application is never been easy like that before. Asissted login feature makes it easier to login accounts. Delete your files securely using file shredder. Periodically remove whitespace in your hard drive using Eluvium free space wiper so deleted data can't be recovered from any kind of disk recovery software.