Eluvium Privacy Policy

Welcome to Eluvium, where our mission is to make your digital life simpler, safer, and more secure. We believe that your identity should be just that—yours—and are dedicated to creating software that lets you control your information online. Eluvium's current Privacy Policy is available for you to read below. If you still have questions, please Contact us or read faq section. Our Privacy Policy is below. You will have to accept it if you want to use our software.


Eluvium is a data protection and password manager solution. All your secret data is encrypted in our database All rights to the Application belongs to its developer, Taner Şahin, support@eluvium.info (the Developer).

License Terms

You can use the Application for any private or business purposes and to a license agreement provided by an application store, where the Application was purchased. Desktop versions of the Application, which are available for download at www.eluvium.info website, can be used free of charge.

User Data

All user data are stored only on user’s own devices and in our backend as encrypted. The data are always being stored and transferred via the Internet in an encrypted form. The Application does not send user data to anyone else. A user password is not stored anywhere and thus cannot be restored. If the password is lost, then it’s impossible to access the encrypted data.


The Application does not collect any personal information and does not transfer any personal information to any 3rd party. The Application may transfer anonymous usage statistics and crash logs to the Developer.


The Developer does not provide any warranty and is not responsible for any losses or damages, which can be related to the Application’s usage. You take a whole responsibility yourself by using the Application.